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Imagine a stage with the same actor playing every role – all season – every season…you wouldn’t want that, and neither do we.  Theatre Three is committed to developing, supporting, and presenting diverse work from diverse sources with diverse casts and crews to a diverse audience.  Having a long history of doing just that, Theatre Three commits to continuing to promote these tenets in everything that we do.  It makes for better theatre, and it makes a better world.


Available Opportunities:

Box Office Agent
Stage Management, Musician, Crew, and Overhire

Future Opportunities:

Directors and Designers

Theatre Three is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. If you need assistance or an accommodation during the application process because of a disability, it is available upon request. The company is pleased to provide such assistance, and no applicant will be penalized as a result of such a request.



Audition Dates: August 28 1-10pm,  5:30-7:00pm dinner break
August 29 1-10pm,  5:30-7:00pm dinner break
August 30 1-10pm,  5:30-7:00pm dinner break

Please prepare 2 contrasting monologues or 1 monologue and 32 bars not to exceed 3 minutes total.

To schedule an audition appointment please email: Emails will be responded to Monday – Friday 10 am -6 pm. Starting July 24, 2023

Be prepared to digitally submit your headshot and resume when scheduling your appointment.

When requesting an audition time please disclose your union status and give a couple of time frames that would work best for you. We will do our best to accommodate.
Members of Actor’s Equity Association will have priority in scheduling.
Rehearsal Dates-
Scrooge in Rouge – October 24-November 15, 2023
Deathtrap- November 14-December 6, 2023
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change- December 26, 2023- January 17, 2024
God of Carnage- January 9-31, 2024
The Seagull- March 12-April 3, 2024
Misery- April 9-May 1, 2024
Pirates of Penzance – May 21- June 12, 2024
Performance Dates-
Scrooge in Rouge- November 16- December 17, 2023
Deathtrap- December 7- 31, 2023
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change- January 18-February 25, 2024
God of Carnage- February 1-March 3, 2024
The Seagull- April 4-28, 2024
Misery- May 2–June 2, 2024
Pirates of Penzance- June 13-July 14, 2024

Available Roles-

Sidney Bruhl, a 50ish successful playwright whose body of work consists of mystery thrillers.
Myra Bruhl his wife, in her forties. A nervous sort, she suffers from a heart condition.
Clifford Anderson, an attractive and eager young playwright in his early twenties.
Helga ten Dorp a famous Dutch psychic who has rented a neighboring home.
Porter Milgrim, mid-fifties, Sidney’s attorney.

God of Carnage:
ALAN RALEIGH -Forties married to Annette
ANNETTE RALEIGH -Forties married to Alan
MICHAEL NOVAK – Forties married to Veronica
VERONICA NOVAK – Forties married to Michael

The Seagull:
Irina Arkadina- Trepleva (by marriage) An actress
Konstatin Treplev (Kostya) – her son, a young man, aspiring playwright (mid to late 20’s)
Pyotr Sorin – Arkadina’s brother
Nina Zarechnaya –, aspiring actress, daughter of a rich land owner, (early 20’s) Ilya Afanasyevich Shamraev – Retired Army Lt, Sorin’s estate manager (40’s, 50’s)
Polina Andreevna – His wife (40’s) Masha – their daughter (mid to late 20’s)
Boris Trigorin – A write, Arkadina’s younger lover, (early to mid 40’s) Evgeny Dorn – A doctor
Semyon Medvedenko – A schoolteacher ( early 30’s)

Pirates of Penzance:
Ruth -Female Lead mezzo-soprano
Mabel -Female lead soprano
Frederrick -male lead tenor
Pirate King – Male lead Baritone
Samuel -any gender expression supporting tenor
Major General Stanley -any gender expression supporting tenor
Edith -any gender expression supporting mezzo-soprano
Kate -any gender expression supporting mezzo-soprano
Sargent -any gender expression supporting Bass
Isabela -any gender expression supporting soprano

Scrooge in Rouge:
ALFRED DA CAPPO- the character is the accompanist
CHARLIE SCHMALTZ- is a character actor
LOTTIE OBBLIGATO- is a singing soubrette
VESTA VIRILE- character is a “male impersonator”

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change:
Man 1 – plays various roles throughout the show
Man 2 – plays various roles throughout the show
Woman 1 – plays various roles throughout the show
Woman 2 – plays various roles throughout the show

ANNIE WILKES (Female Presenting, 40s – 60s – any Race) A nurse who comes to Paul’s rescue (seemingly), Annie seems to be a kind, tender woman who cares deeply for Paul, even if she does seem slightly off. As Paul grows to know her it becomes clearer that Annie is manipulative, cunning, and hides a deep set and terrifying malice behind her cheery simple façade.
PAUL SHELDON (Male Presenting, Late 30s – Early 60s – any race) A famed romance novelist tired of the series that has brought him the most acclaim. Returning from a retreat to finish his most recent work, he is involved in a terrible car crash that leaves him with broken legs and unable to care for himself. He’s thoughtful, if not a touch arrogant, and extremely crafty. He quickly realizes how dangerous his situation is and must use anything and everything at his disposal to survive.
BUSTER (Male Presenting, Late 30s – Late 60s, any race) The Sherriff of a nearby town searching for Paul. Very friendly with possible hopes of something more with Annie.


Theatre Three is always looking for volunteers to usher! Just sign up for whatever night works for you and come join us for a fun night of theatre! If you have any questions, send our Box Office Manager, Wesley Farnsworth, an email!

Apprentice Program



Theatre Three is proud to offer this unique apprenticeship opportunity to people who have just graduated college and are interested in a career in professional theatre. Apprentices serve as part of the production team of Theatre Three for one full season and receive a weekly stipend of $350. We are looking for two apprentices to serve as either a season production assistant OR as a design and technical assistant. This program also serves to develop new skills in areas that apprentices might not be familiar with so both apprentices should be willing and prepared to work outside of their specialty.

As a Production Assistant, you can expect:

    • to work side-by-side with an Equity Stage Manager during all rehearsals
    • to be an active participant in all production meetings with some of DFW’s best directors and designers
    • to either run lights and sound or manage backstage during performances
    • to serve as properties master on productions you are working on

As a Design and Technical Apprentice, you can expect:

  • to assist in Design Elements of a production.
  • to assist the Technical Director with the build, installation, and strike of a production
  • to assist the Master Electrician with hang and focus
  • to assist the Scenic Painter
  • to assist with general building maintenance



Both apprentices can expect to gain the experience they want and develop the connections they need as they make the transition from student to working professional.

The application deadline for the apprenticeship is Friday, April 7, 2023.

To apply, please send a cover letter specifying your interest in this program, a resume, and two letters of recommendations to:

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