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Author and Artist Enrichment

Theatre Three illuminates the human experience with exemplary, intimate theatre by nurturing authors, artists and audiences. We work to bring you workshops and spaces for authors and artists to grow in their respective crafts. Learn more about our current programs below.

NMCA Workshop

The National Michael Chekhov Association Workshop provides adult actors, professional and novice, an opportunity to learn more about the art and science of acting. Explore the acting technique developed and taught by master acting teacher and actor Michael Chekhov. The workshop will be led by highly respected actor and NMCA certified teacher, Gail Cronauer, one of the most respected actresses and acting teachers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Current Courses Available:
September 15 – October 20, 2018 (Level One)
May 11 – June 22, 2019 (Level One)
January 12 – February 16, 2019 (Level Two)


Monday Night Playwright

Read, rehearse, develop and host staged readings of your latest works in a professional space. We offer the use of our downstairs Theatre Too space for playwright use for two-day sets. One day for rehearsal, the other a reading for an invited audience of your choosing.

Writing Out of Your Mind

Follow your unconscious wherever it leads with the Writing Out of Your Mind Workshop. This three-day writing workshop leads writers through the process of writing a full draft in a week! Whether you have an idea for a story or not, we’ll help you get it down on paper.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships are open to high school and college students. Interns work at Theatre Three for a 4-6 week-long session between June and August. This is an unpaid internship that may be applied towards course credit or educational volunteer service credit.


Stay tuned for programming announcement!

T3 Talks

It’s part of our mission to challenge our audiences with provocative and engaging works. One way of fulfilling that is by producing art that is intended to start a dialogue. Each performance, we are bringing audiences the opportunity to have a post-show discussion with Cindee Mayfield. Come join the conversation!


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