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(214) 871-3300

Jeffrey Schmidt, Artistic Director – Ext. 120
Christie Vela, Associate Artistic Director – Ext. 117

Kat Edwards, Managing Director – Ext 101
Sarah Barnes, Company Manager – Ext. 116
David Saldivar, Operations Manager – Ext 118

Front of House and Patron Services

(214) 871-3300

James Chandler,  Customer Services Manager




(214) 871-3300 – EXT. 121

Dylan Hearn, Production Manager

Nicholas Thornburg, Technical Director

Kelechi Imoh, Apprentice

Grace Simmons, Apprentice


Our Board

Board of Directors

Brad Brown
Suzanne Burkhead
Rosa Medina-Cristobal
Mia V Glogau
Harrison Herndon
David G. Luther, Jr.
Jessica Turner Waugh
Scott Williams

Advisory Board

Janet Spencer Shaw
John Strauss

Honorary Board Members

Virginia Dykes
Gary W. Grubbs
Bonnie & John Strauss

Community Engagement Board

Denise Lee
Mike Baughman
Rev. Neil Thomas

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