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(214) 871-3300

Email Jeffrey Schmidt, Artistic Director – Ext. 120
Email Merri Brewer, Managing Director – Ext. 103
Email Kat Edwards, Director of Strategic Marketing and Data Analysis – Ext. 117
Email Sarah Barnes, Company Manager – Ext. 116
Email Charlie Beavers, Development Associate – Ext. 101
Email Bookkeeper – Ext. 118

Our Board

Board of Directors

Marion L. Brockette, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chad Barton
Suzanne Burkhead
Mike Cluff
Sid Curtis
Karen Davis
Laura V. Estrada
Sally Hansen
Harrison Herndon
Michael Jenkins
David G. Luther, Jr.
Stacy E. Marshall
Chris Rajczi
Scott T. Williams
Rod Wilson

Advisory Board

John Strauss

Honorary Board Members

Virginia Dykes
Gary W. Grubbs
Bonnie & John Strauss

Artist Advisory Board

Maryam Obaidullah Baig
Dante Flores
Gretchen Elizabeth Smith
Montgomery Sutton
vickie washington

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