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Intro to Voice Acting

Brandon Potter has voiced National TV and radio campaigns, cartoons, video games, audiobooks, industrials, and viral videos. Clients include Nestle, Dell, Facebook, McDonalds, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Atari, Gearbox, and more. In addition to his work in the booth, he has also written for and directed VO artists in everything from cartoons to how-to videos. In this 6-week course, students will learn the basics of home recording and how to tailor their reads to specific copy. Students will learn tips and tricks to nail commercial copy, cartoon and video game copy (dub & pre-lay), industrial copy, and audiobooks. Set the mic, strap on your cans, and get ready for the wonderful world of VO.

Class Details:

Thursdays, May 21- June 25, 2020



What You’ll Get:
  • 6 weeks in basic home recording¬†from audiobooks to video games.
  • Tips and tricks from a seasoned pro