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By Ida Jane Bailey with intro by Jeffrey Schmidt

In the coming weeks, T3 will be posting a series of blogs about subscriptions. Hold on! Before you scroll past. Consider this. Single ticket sales, tickets sold at the door, is revenue we make after the show has already opened. Subscription sales is revenue we make before the show opens. Why does this matter? Well, it matters a whole hell of a lot. Think of it this way. You save money to go on vacation. Some folks save all year long, a little each week, to take a much needed rest in the mountains, on the beach, to NYC for some Broadway shows. It sounds romantic, but rarely does one just show up in Venice and say, “Now, how am I gonna buy stuff?” Subscriptions allow us to buy the stuff that makes the theatre!

Subscriptions not only benefit the theatre, but provide patrons with so many perks. So before you say, “I’ll just wait and buy tickets when the mood strikes me.”, read what some of Dallas’ most avid theater goers have to say.

Our first contributor to this series, is just one of my favorite people in the whole world. I’m not the only one, either. Theatre professionals all across Dallas know her and sing her praises. She’s the type of person that will put a smile on your face regardless of the kind of day you’ve been having. She’s also not afraid to give her opinion when a little truth is needed. She’s a class act all around. Along with her ultra cool, quiet and insightful husband Doug they are fervant supports of Dallas theater. Without further ado, I give you the inimitable Ida Jane Bailey.


The main reason I feel strongly about buying season tickets is because it supports theaters.  When I think about all the people who work to put on a show and not know if it will pay for itself, never mind if it will make a profit, I think how brave!  A commitment from us as season subscribers gives them financial support to make their magic!

My selfish reason to buy season tickets is to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I organize my calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts with show dates and to add performances by companies that don’t have a set season .

As a season ticket holder I get the privilege of free exchanges which make it easier to change dates. The theater staff help find equivalent or sometimes the same seats for a different performance. The physical tickets or a printed schedule with season purchases on my calendar shows where I have a conflict and need to swap dates.

Personally,  I love to know where I will be seated in a theater. Season tickets make this possible. Season tickets provide some choice in seating and over the years to upgrade.  Front row is very nice. Leg room for Doug and nobody taller in front of me. .

Flexibility is important, but commitment matters, too. Trying to pick shows based on titles can be tricky.  We would have missed some really great performances if we had not purchased season tickets and made a commitment to go.

So the reduced subscription prices, flexibility, and  many extra perks make buying season tickets a smart bargain for all of us theater lovers!

So I am busy getting all my upcoming season tickets for next year and ask you to do the same, and we’ll see each other at the theater!