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Let me put a name to the voice on the other end of the phone line and the smiling face when you pick up your tickets, and  introduce Wesley Farnsworth. He is our Box Office Manager and Lobby decorator. 



Stop me if you’ve heard this one: you learned about this really cool play opening soon (maybe even at Theatre Three), couldn’t afford the full price of the ticket this week so you pledge to try again next week, but, like Jeff Goldblum says, “life finds a way” every week until the show closes. Budgeting is hard, I get it. As a fellow millennial who has hobbies, personal projects, bills, and expenses boy howdy do I understand. Supporting local art and local artists costs money.

Lucky for you, we are continuing to find more ways that we can mitigate that and help you stretch your dollars further while still contributing to the expansive, and expensive, art form that is live professional theatre.

We already have many programs in place with discounts for students, seniors, and groups. As well as our discounted rates for Previews weekend (see the show as we are finalizing design details and help give us feedback for a cheaper ticket!) and for our Hooky Wednesday Matinee (Need a break from work? Come hang out with us and watch shows about vampires, with a few girl kisses mixed in for good measure!).

This year I got to work with Sarah and Jeffrey on implementing a new program that we have been wanting to bring to Theatre Three for some time now! The first Sunday of every production is our double header Previews Sunday, with a matinee and an evening performance before opening night!

This year we are going to feature a Pay What You Can program for those performances, where we will open up ticket sales thirty minutes before each of those performances and patrons can pay whatever they want for a ticket! Got an extra $20 in your wallet this week and want to bring a friend to a show? Awesome! Had to solve a minor financial crisis and only have a few bucks left in your wallet until Monday? That is totally cool with us!

Art is such an important part of our communities and our culture, and I will gladly break out the sledgehammer and demolish every barrier of entry I can so that we can bring our stories to a wider audience, and that starts with developing more and more affordable options for Theatre Three! Between flexible scheduling options with our Flex Passes, waived fees for ticket exchanges for our Subscription Packages, and our numerous discount programs, I will do everything I can as a part of the Theatre Three team to make it easiest to solve everyone’s individuals problems and concerns that keep you from sitting in our theatre, cup of wine in hand, and joining us in continuing to make art after 58 years (and hopefully many, many more)…


Want more information on any of the discounts mentioned above. Give Wesley and our Box Office team a call! 214-871-3300 extension 1