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Two words: World Building! Also, you won’t have to dress in a bug costume. Yes, the characters are bugs, but we’re gonna take a more metaphorically approach to this. What you will be doing is collaborating in the creation of an entire world. This is no kitchen sink drama. It’s fantasy. It’s SciFi. It’s a microcosm. These bug’s whole life exists under just a single blade of grass. Their culture, physical language and rituals are unique.

We as a company get to create that. Riff off of each other. There will be a live musician and foley artist there to inspire us and drive the action! If you’re new to this kind of play-making all it takes is commitment and audacity. You need to be OK with making a fool of yourself. But I guarantee no one will be laughing AT you, only WITH you! In rehearsals, we’ll be looking for those perfect mistakes as we experiment and audition ideas. Not everything will go as planned and you’ll fail sometimes, but when you discover something that really works, it’s sublime. Perhaps the hardest lesson for an actor to learn is that’s it’s OK to look a fool on stage. Your fellow actors will actually respect you more for it. When a person says, “They are so brave,” what they really mean is that an actor is willing to bare it all for an audience and their fellow actors. In other words, be vulnerable. Once, an actors discovers this they level up exponentially as an artist.

That’s what rehearsals for this show will be like. Yes, you’ll be playing a bug. Yes, much of the play reads like poetry. The magic happens when we all fully commit to the passion, love and wonder that exits in this tiny world under a blade of grass. Most importantly, rehearsals will be fun!