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A Note from the Translator

The first two acts, which make up the first half of this performance, are Sr. F. García Lorca’s text – with some minor alterations and additions of my own. There are eyewitness accounts of the third act (including the play’s original ending), the text of which, to my knowledge, has been lost both to time and to the chaos of the Spanish Civil War. The second half of this performance, therefore, is original material – with a story and some additions by García Lorca. All blemishes in the text are solely the fault of the translator. In my defense, I will only quote Herr Walter Benjamin, and say that meaning is served far better – and literature and language far worse – by the unrestrained license of bad translators.

Interview with the Director Dr. Danielle Georgiou
Sneak Peek
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Interview with Actor Omar Padilla
Interview with Associate Artistic Director Christie Vela